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Ad-hoc Price Menu

N.B Below is based on books in reasonable order and received at least one month before filing date.

Turnover/Expenses£ (+ VAT)
£0 - £5k300
£5 - £25k400
£25 - £75k450
£75 - £100k500
£100 - £150k600
£150k and above:
the fees are negotiable as most clients will have their own bookkeeper and we offer an accountants package for filing
Dormant and Non-Trading175
Additional Services£ (+ VAT)
Payroll for up to 2 employees charged annually150
VAT return filing (Includes MTD & QB )50
Bookkeeping per hour30
Self-assessment (PAYE and dividends)125
Reference mortgage etc150

Searching for a “Fixed Fee Accountant” should be applauded in todays financial environment. After all, in these are uncertain times, to save money on your Accountants bill has to be a good idea? There is, however, a caveat, being the quality of service you receive.

Welcome to a “Fixed Fee Accountant” that is suitably qualified and has been delivering a personal and professional service for over 10 years. Qualified accountants using the latest industry standard software.

We are very proud to show you our Fixed Fees because we believe in delivering a fair deal. It’s as simple as that. I look forward to welcoming you to our growing number of satisfied clients.

Roy Mitchell, Director

If you’d rather pay monthly, you can see our Pay-Monthly Fees here

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